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Editorial Services

Even the most accomplished writers benefit from a fresh perspective

“Pam has great insight on both the written and conceptual level. She asks great questions that help shape characters and story, while also providing intelligent ways forward that takes manuscripts to the next level.”

-Desmond Hall, author of Your Corner Dark


About Me

I’ve been providing professional editing, copywriting, and proofreading services since 2010. I’ve worked on everything from historical treatises and scientific dissertations to poetry and romance novels. Most of my editorial work comes from fiction writers, but I also copywrite for clothing catalogs, private equity firms, websites, and more. I’ve edited artist’s statements, MG and YA novels, literary fiction, romance novels, fabulist fiction, and more. Before I launched my own business, I worked as a magazine editor, newspaper feature writer, advertising copywriter, and typographical proofreader.

Interested in Working with Me?

  • Email me a copy of your document or a brief description of your project, and feel free to share whatever details you can about its size, your goals, your timeline, and your concerns.
  • I always provide a sample of your edited work at no charge so you can see my style and I can gauge my time and your costs. 
  • I’ll  let you know when you can expect an estimate and arrange a time to discuss your work, your specific concerns, and your budget. 
  • If your project is ongoing, I can edit portions of your work as you go.
  • I return your document with tracking and comments via email.
  • We arrange an online meeting to discuss the edited project once you’ve seen the final result. Any additional editing rounds would be billed at our agreed-upon rate.


My rate is $65 an hour for corporate clients and $50 an hour for private clients. I will provide a quote or estimate once I see the complete submission. Upon receipt of a 50% payment. I can work in portions or in full. When completed, I send you an invoice, and upon receipt of payment, I’ll provide you your document with tracking and comments. Clients often also choose to have a post-editorial review session by phone or online. I work hard to assure that you are satisfied with my work and to remain a valuable resource to you.

Client Recommendations

 “Pam is amazing. Even the most unwieldy, clumsy writing, she can shape up into sharp and incisive writing. She is fast, and turns my work around before I have time to bite my nails off.”​​
—Suzanne Goldenberg, artist

“I asked for Pam’s help when I was editing the final version of my Ph.D. dissertation. I need to revise some chapters and modify my writing in a very limited time. Pam provided the highest level of care and flexibility and did a great job in a limited time. It was a great experience working with her. I would highly recommend Pam and will be looking forward to working with her myself again in the future.”​
—Dr. Ali Boroumand, Ph.D. Dissertation, Tufts Engineering Doctoral program

“Pam edited a number of cover letters for me, shaping each one to fit the job I was applying for and made helpful comments on the contents. Everything was done in a timely manner. I would definitely use her services in future and recommend her to my friends and coworkers.”​
—Olga Evsenko, budget analyst