Even the most accomplished writers benefit from a fresh perspective.

Whatever you write — a novel, a website, catalog copy, a business proposal, or a dissertation — you want it to be read. Polished prose can make the difference between reaching your audience or getting lost in the ether. 

Everyone who writes inevitably becomes so familiar with their work that finding clarity of a fresh, analytic eye is a struggle, but absolutely necessary to fine-tune your work. Compelling thoughts, crisp language, and rhythmic prose can engage your readers and open up opportunities for growth, connection, and success. 

Good editors can help you both find your way through the labyrinth of thoughts to clarify your ideas, and polish those areas that might remain murky to your readers. If you don’t know where to start or you’ve done your best but feel your work still needs polish, you will always benefit from an editor’s eye.

  • Email me a copy of your document or a brief description of your project, and share whatever details you can about its size, your goals, your timeline, and your concerns.
  • For larger projects, I provide a sample of your edited work at no charge so you can see my style and I can gauge my time and your costs. 
  • We arrange a time to discuss your work, your specific concerns, and your budget. 
  • If your project is ongoing, I can edit portions of your work as you go.
  • I return your document with tracking and comments via email.
  • We arrange an online meeting to discuss the edited project once you’ve seen the final result. Any additional editing rounds would be billed at our agreed-upon rate.

My rate is $65 an hour. Once I receive your document for editing, I will provide you a quote or estimate. Upon receipt of a 50% payment, I begin work and can return in portions or once completed. Upon receipt of payment, I’ll provide you your document with tracking and comments, and arrange a time for us to discuss your work session by phone or online. I work hard to assure that you are satisfied with my work and seek to always remain a valuable resource for you.